Keeping Up-to-Date through Newsletters

¬We’ll send you monthly newsletters with information on any changes and amendments in law that are relevant to you. ¬These are regularly sent out by surface mail.

If you want to receive our newsletters in electronic form, just let us know briefly by email.

­In addition to these monthly newsletters, we’ll also send you customised information about any legal changes that affect you specifically.

Digital Document Exchange

Data entry today: our working environment is becoming increasingly digitised. Let’s see it as an opportunity to simplify things.

Working together with our data centre, DATEV eG, we can show you a simple and contemporary way to run your accounts, and we would be pleased to help you with its implementation.

All you need to do is scan in your receipts and then email them to a specially created address at the DATEV data centre. As a result, all your receipts will be available to us in digital form, so that we can record them in the system. This drastically reduces your workload, while at the same time giving you an accounting system which is always up-to-date and can be accessed by you at any time.