Our company consists of freelance consultants in various professions. Under legally stipulated professional confidentiality requirements, we have a major responsibility towards our clients concerning our detailed knowledge of their economic and personal circumstances. This puts us in a special position of trust.

Acting as independent expert consultants, we support our clients on all legal,­ fiscal and economic issues with the aim of perfectly representing their interests, ­whether they are institutions, businesses or private individuals. We are committed to promoting and safeguarding our clients’ economic success.


Our solicitors specialise in labour and construction law, and our clients can rely on a high level of professionalism and commitment as we represent their interests.


Our services include invoicing under national and international regulations, accounting and legal protection under tax legislation. Other important activities in our portfolio are consultancy on ¬business management issues and private assets¬ and the provision of audit activities, expert opinions and due diligences.

We carry out our work independently, conscientiously and on our own responsibility. Thanks to an excellent skill base combined with a policy of continuous professional development as well as efficient office and quality management¬, we have created the basis and the flexibility to meet future challenges.

Corporate governance

Major capital-oriented companies are subject to principles of corporate governance. It goes without saying that we observe legal regulations and that we monitor compliance within our organisation. All our entrepreneurial activities are focused on our risks and on the risks of our clients, which we seek to reduce to a minimum.

Everyone who puts their trust in us will be treated with the highest respect, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender or religious or political views. This applies to the way we treat our clients, our workforce and indeed all other business partners.


We are a growing service enterprise that operates in highly knowledge-based sectors of industry. We are aware of the privileges which we enjoy in a highly developed industrial society, both personally and as a corporate entity. We are therefore also aware of our social responsibility, which we aim to fulfill.

As service providers working with highly knowledge-based sectors, we prioritise and promote the training and education of young people. Within our own organisation, young people are always given opportunities for internships and training places under the dual system of theoretical and practical vocational training. Moreover, we support sponsorships via World Vision, providing educational opportunities for young people in¬ developing countries.

Current project:

Bangladesch – Education for working kids

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