We’ll show you the available tax-saving options

We’ll continually keep you posted about legal changes and new regulations resulting from new policies and laws. ¬Based on the information you provide, we’ll calculate your future tax burden and, where possible, suggest alternative plans to help you reduce this burden.

Contract Review

Any contracts that are of fiscal relevance will be checked for legal compliance, and we’ll make suggestions for possible changes.

Our tax planning includes the following services:

  • ­Once we’ve checked all the facts and issues, we’ll give you a written statement and indicate possible alternative courses of action
  • We’ll help you in the drafting of contracts that are of fiscal relevance
  • We’ll help you with the implementation of the relevant options

Additional services:

  • We’ll create an overview of your financial and asset situation
  • ­We’ll send you monthly details about the latest tax and financial issues
  • We’ll give you security for your tax planning by obtaining binding information from the tax office