Payroll accounting has long been more than drawing up payslips.

You also have certain reporting duties towards the tax authorities and social security institutions, and you need to create and keep the right kinds of records. ­Efficient payroll accounting is no longer possible without state-of-the-art software.

­After all, various authorities may wish to audit any of your records at any time and at short notice. ­Compliance with social insurance regulations are checked in full by the Inspectorate of the German Pension Insurance Authority, payroll audits are conducted regularly, and there are several sectors – e.g. the construction industry – where the German Customs Office may carry out audits at times.

We’ll handle your entire record-keeping duties for you, so that you’re always on the safe side.

In addition, we’ll assist and advise you during audits, issue certificates for your employees and create HR statistics for you if required.

­Our professional expertise also covers special forms of payroll accounting, e.g. for construction workers and seasonal workers in forestry and agriculture, and we are knowledgeable on staff deployment outside Germany as well as their deployment from other countries in Germany.

If required, we’ll also handle short-time benefit applications to the German Employment Service.