Financial accounting is a reflection of your business

You don’t just create your accounts for the tax office. They also give you important information to help you control your company.

Your financial accounting will be in good hands with us.
This is how you’ll benefit:

  • Your financial accounting will always comply with legal regulations
  • You will always meet the reporting requirements of the tax office
  • We’ll help you organise your document storage
  • We’ll record your receipts in compliance with legal regulations
  • We’ll check all receipts for legal compliance, and we’ll draw your attention to anything that needs to be changed or amended
  • You’ll receive informative monthly business reports, as we also conduct accrual postings and depreciations within the year.
  • If requested, we’ll send you a list of outstanding items
    If needed, we’ll also handle your receivables management

In addition, we can carry out a range of further services for you:

  • We’ll send you financial control reports with informative metrics that will also serve as an early warning system
  • We’ll carry out your corporate planning, so that you have regular target/actual comparisons
  • We’ll discuss any deviations with you and provide business consultancy to help you reach your targets

Further options in financial accounting

  1. Financial accounting of the future
    All receipts will stay within the company. You will send them off by fax or email, and they are then entered into your specific document archive. This archive will always be accessible, both to yourself and us. We’ll then create your accounts on the basis of those digitised receipts.
  2. Online business records
    ­­You’ll have personal online access to your financial accounts and business reports at all times, with the option of making printouts.
  3. On-site financial accounting
    We’ll handle your accounting on your own premises
  4. ­We use state-of-the-art media, and we also have a remote support system to provide you with advice and support for your own accounting activities.