When your business is given an audit, the auditors will want to study at all your electronic data in payroll and financial accounting.

We’ll make sure you meet all the requirements and that the audit runs smoothly.

We’ll deliver the following services in the event of an audit:

  • We’ll discuss the possible procedure with you before the audit
  • We’ll provide premises and computers
  • We’ll provide the auditors with information, and we’ll give our support throughout the procedure
  • We’ll check the audit findings and the audit report
  • We’ll make any necessary applications before, during and after the audit
  • We’ll make recommendations how you might conduct yourself and provide assistance during the audit

We’ll also handle the following work for you:

  • We’ll check the relevant documents before the audit
  • We’ll check any amended tax assessments and appeal against them if necessary
  • We’ll represent you if you are held liable for fiscal offences